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About Khazanah Nasional

Khazanah Nasional is the investment holding arm of the Government entrusted to manage the commercial assets held by the Government and to undertake strategic investments. Khazanah was incorporated under the Companies At 1965 on September 1993 as a public limited company and commences operations a year later.

save for one share owned by Persuruhaya Tanah Persekutan (the Federal Land Commissioner), all the share capital of Khazanah is owned by the Minister of Finance Incorporated, a corporate pursuant to the Minister of Finance (incorporation) Act, 1957.

The primary objectives of Khazanah Nasional are :

1. To hold and manage the investments entrusted to it by the Government of Malaysia; and

2. To undertake new investments where there are strategic opportunities, in new sectors and in new markets

Khazanah has investments in over 50 major companies. These companies are involved in various sectors such as :

Banking, semiconductor, steel production, airport management, automobile and motorcycle manufacture, power, broadcasting, infrastructure, investment holding, port development and management, property, electronics, telecommunications, research technology and venture capital, healthcare.

Source : www.khazanah.com.my/history.htm

About Temasek Holdings

incorporated in 1974, Temasek is an investment company based in Singapore. Supported by 10 affiliates and offices in Asia and Latin America, Temasek owns a S$215billion portfolio as at 31 March 2013, mainly in Singapore and Asia.Temasek‘s investment themes centre on : Transforming Economies; Growing Middle Income Populations; Deepening Comparative Advantages; and Emerging Champions. It’s portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries : financial services; telecommunications, media and technology; transportation and industrials; life sciences, consumer and real estate; as well as energy and resources.

Total shareholder return for Temasek since its inception in 1974 was 16% compounded annually. Temasek has been assigned an overall corporate credit rating of “Aaa” by Moody’s and “AAA” by Standard & Poor’s; our 10th year as a triple-A credit since our inaugural rating in 2004.

As an institution, we have a stake in the well-being of our larger community. We recognise that social, environmental and governance factors can impact them as we’ll as the long term sustainability of companies and businesses.

We practise our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen and steward by supporting efforts that build people and communities through education, healthcare and research; build bridges between people’s through deeper understanding and friendship; build better governance through a culture of integrity and excellence; and rebuild lives and livelihoods devastated by major natural disasters.

Since inception, we have committed over S$1.5billion for community, philanthropic and other worthy causes. Of this, S$500million was endowed to the Temasek Trust in May 2007 for Temasek Foundation, and another S$100million in 2009 for Temasek Cares. Temasek Trust independently oversees the management and disbursement of Temasek’s philanthropic endowments and gifts.

source :  www.temasek.com.sg/abouttemasek/corporateprofile